The Image Mill was a forty-minute visual and audio production projected against the grain silos in the Port of Québec. This huge concrete structure becomes a narrator that tells the tale of Québec City’s 400 years of history.

It consists in a sort of animated mosaic that, moving from engravings to paintings and from photos to videos, creates an impressionistic portrait of the city over time. The work consists of four movements corresponding to the city’s four centuries of history: waterways, the age of exploration and discovery; road building, clearing and developing the land; the railroad and industrial expansion; and finally, the age of air travel and the development of communications.

These 81 silos measure 600 metres long by 30 metres high. Twenty-seven video projectors, 20,000 lumens each, projects millions of pixels onto Bunge’s south and west façades. With 238 spotlights, 203 of which are DEL, and 329 speakers in place, the audience was able to see the show from several viewpoints: from the Château Frontenac to the Marie-Guyart building, from the ramparts to the Louise Basin piers, Espace 400e and the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.